Clothespin Watermelon Wreath

9 08 2016

Clothespin Watermelon Wreath

Wreaths are a great way to add a festive touch to your home all year round!  This watermelon is a fun summer wreath that is very easy to make yourself.

Materials needed for Clothespin Watermelon WreathMaterials Needed:

  • About 70 clothespins
  • 12 inch metal wreath ring
  • Craft Paint (DecoArt Americana Multi-Surface Satin)
    • Pink (Flamingo)
    • Dark Green (Turf Green)
    • Light Green (Melonball)
    • Black (Black Tie)
  • Sponge Brush
  • Small Paint Brush

Like I said before, this project is very easy to make but, it is a little time consuming because you have to individually paint all the clothespins.  It’s a great weekend project to break up into little chunks of painting at a time!  To get started, take apart your clothespins.

How to take apart a clothespin

It’s easy, you just need to twist the two wooden parts away from each other so they come out of the spring. Do this to all of your clothespins. Don’t lose your springs, put them in a baggy or something for later!

Separated clothespins

It’s time to grab your pink paint.  On every single wooden clothespin piece paint up to the last groove on the inside (the part that touches the spring).

Pink painted clothespin

I decided to paint to this point on the clothespin because it’s about half but there is no need to measure because of the handy dandy grooves.  You are going to paint both the inside and outside of this half!

Other side of the pink clothespin

Let your pink paint dry to the touch, then go ahead and paint the other half of the wood with your dark green paint.

Looking more like a watermelon now!

Let that dry, then grab your small paintbrush, black paint, and light green paint.  On the outside of the clothespin (the flatter side) paint a little teardrop shape with black on the very tip.  This is going to be a seed.  Then grab your light green and paint a thick band where the dark green meets the pink.  Then just do a few light green lines on the dark green to give the watermelon some detail.  I did these lines randomly on all the pieces, it’s better if they aren’t uniform.  You only need to do the seed and light green lines on half of your wood pieces!

All finished painting!

Let these get totally dry because the next step is putting all of the clothespins back together.  You will be putting one wood piece with the seed and detail lines with another piece that just has the pink and green.  You will probably want to practice with an extra unpainted clothespin, because it’s a little tricky at first to get them back together. I read this blog, Lady and the Carpenter, to help figure out the trick of getting them back together.  It also has a helpful video.

Completed watermelon clothespins

Now is the fun part, putting the wreath together!  You are going to start by clipping a clothespin on the innermost two rungs on the wreath, then clip the next one on the middle two rungs.  Continue alternating like this until you have gone all the way around the wreath.

How to put on your clothespins

Now you are all done! How cute is your new summer wreath?  The cool thing about clothespin wreaths is that you can change them seasonally!  So when summer is over you can just take off your watermelon clothespins to save for next year and put on some Fall themed clothespins. I’d love to hear suggestions for some other clothespin wreath themes in the comments.  Don’t forget to tag projects you make with #DIYwithAIF, Happy crafting!

Watermelon clothespin wreath



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